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Online retail growth is calling for changes in fresh food procurement

As Amazon Fresh will be learning after buying Whole Foods for $13 billion, fresh food is complex, but everyday they are preparing and planning…. Ocado has boomed in the last year and online retail has necessarily accelerated and adapted to help customers in lock-down situations. To remain strong in the fresh food business a combination…

Fresh mussels and precooked sous-vide shell fish 365 days a year

The Venice sea coastal waters and laguna are famous not only for Marco Polo’s missions but also for their clam varieties “Vongole” and shell fish industry.Many famous dishes originate from this region such as “Spaghetti alla vongole” or “fasolari gratinati”. Our supplier has developed a sterile sealed package for easy transportation with long shelf life….

Discover organic chicken & turkey and BBQ baby chicken

Did you know that Italy is the EU leader in organic chicken breeding? 80 days of well-being, organic feed, hundreds of controls and meticulous care to building the best and most modern open air farms. Our selected producers are leaders in their field, from organic chicken & turkey in various formats including fixed weight breast…

Chilled handmade premium Italian desserts

Chilled handmade premium Italian desserts at €1,99 (RRP) for a moment of indulgence! 8 recipes in single 80g portions with 30 days shelf life from production. The Tiramisu is made with Italian roasted coffee and thick Mascarpone and the cheese cake with real digestive biscuits. For PL projects free range eggs, UTZ/FAIRTRADE is all possible….

Toscana Cinta Senese PDO pig

Toscana Cinta Senese PDO pigs. They live on the best breeding farms in wild, or semi-wild pastures in simple farm settings with the maximum welfare (no antibiotics, natural breeding, low yield, min 12 months life) Tuscany, with its typical woody shrubland, provides ample supplies of the pigs’ favourite food (oak, chestnut, Holm oaks, Turkey oaks,…

it’s time to prepare the southern France and Spain range

We started our Greek import and trading last year with success so now it’s time to prepare the southern France and Spain range. Lots of unique origin products available from one source, one delivery, and only one Foodpartner to manage all your fresh product requests!

Gain margin and flexibility, avoid stock

Finding a reliable and cost effective supply chain solution without holding stock is a challenge that many of our retail customers are facing, especially in this moment. The damage caused by non-rotating goods and consequent shrinkage in central warehouses is a key issue to maintaining liquidity and assortment flexibility in these fast changing times. Ordering goods just in time…