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A wealth of unparalleled mediterranean dishes

Fresh products and Italian culinary tradition are, of course, our ‘daily bread’ but we always like to explore new opportunities for our customers. This curiosity has led us to extend our range to other fresh Mediterranean products.

We aim to supply buyers with the best from this wealth of produce and, with this in mind, over the years we have created a portfolio ranging from top end gastronomy to more widely consumed products. A menu to satisfy the requests and wishes of every client. Our procurement team, made of dedicated ‘gastronauts’ constantly explores new boundaries and  guarantees that this menu is always well assorted, of high quality.  We are always on the look-out  for  novelties recommended by producers or noticed by consumers. This way our database of products is ‘forever fresh’ and our network of producers richer.

An ‘a la carte’ service , because no two clients are the same
Once our customer has defined the tender, and the quality and economic criteria have been established via a benchmarking process, we carry out specific technical and sensorial panel tests for each product chosen. Each sample we send is  checked and recorded in order to assure offers are made quickly and in line with selection criteria, with no surprises or shortfalls. Buyers rely on us for the sourcing process, whether they be standard products or private label: this allows them to save  time and energy. Working as a partner rather than a single supplier, means we also spontaneously suggest products that we believe will be strategic additions to our customers’ business.

We share delicacies and know-how
When we select a product, we never lose sight of the key factors that we want to guarantee our partner: a well-balanced price-quality ratio, product excellence over time, flexibility in ordering, and where possible, an opportunity to develop into a private label product.


Discover the flavour of ‘save-you-time’ management

Efficient logistics is without doubt our ‘signature dish’. Thanks to highly computerised management, we are able to calculate schedules and volumes, consolidating goods from across Italy, and the Mediterranean, inside our refrigerated warehouse in Modena. On the same day, we check and optimise  goods by loading them onto the most direct and rapid means of transport towards foreign destinations respecting all the agreed criterion of residual life, product labelling and unit of transport. This system allows our clients to receive goods that are always fresh from production with costs reduced to the minimum. It also provides an opportunity to order from several different producers and receive everything in a single shipment.

More freshness and less expense with each delivery
We are able to interact with various management systems in the supply chain, beginning with EDI setup, to the management of specific portals, right through to restitution of CMRs in conformity with the law and punctual slot reservations for unloading goods.

It is our responsibility to check that the logistics phase always happens without delays and that the cold chain is always guaranteed. Supervision that we guarantee, thanks to recorded checks combined with GPS technology which permits constant monitoring of how a load is proceeding. Our drivers are chosen to guarantee personalised contact and they are informed of specific client requirements and obliged to guarantee a complete service, even in times of maximum traffic.

Holidays and closing times are never a problem
Our supply chain system interacts automatically with every producer to manage holiday periods and closing times, planning everything ahead of time and down to the detail of each single item. An advantage that translates into numerous hours of planning time we save our clients. That’s why we call it ‘save you time’.

Pre and post sales support

Always there throughout the process

Our work starts a long time before the order and ends well after delivery of the products. We are strong believers that  successful partnerships are achieved if we can help the whole sales process. Before we propose a product, we carry out meticulous market analysis and inform the client about all product trends that may develop into opportunities. We manage a number of aspects, which include:

• Rapid management of document processing and contracts through a dedicated project management system that can be shaped according to client procedures.
• Analytical monitoring of supply performance and reliability ratings of the supplier and individual product codes.
• Post sales claim management through a complex ticketing system with response time monitoring.
• Quality management portal supervision such as GS1 and digital flow setups for order by
Admin trouble solving for managing credit notes, variations and blocks in the administration process.

Commercial and marketing positioning

The cherry on our cake

Being a partner means that our objective has only been reached when our client has been successful and that all our best resources have been at disposal until that happens. For this reason we also offer our know-how in numerous marketing and sales development services: all essential instruments to support and benefit our customers’ business development. More specifically, we guarantee:

• Online and in-house training for staff to increase their skills and knowledge of the products they are selling to the public.
• Preparation of digital content to suggest how to use products, incentivise consumption and spread their positive image.
• Sales analysis and negotiation with producers of commercial promotion to increase product rotation.
• Organisation of promotional events through masterchef courses with professional chefs, in collaboration with associations and consortia.

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