Have you ever tried Italian black pig specialties?

Italian “Suino Nero” black pig is historical breed that is back in vogue thanks to a handful of farmers who believed in reviving this historical breed. Black pig varieties can be found in over 7 Italian regions although in small limited quantities compared to the classic Duroc or Landrace breed used for most Italian charcuterie.

Our producer is a leader in animal welfare and slow growth so in this case we say  that less is more in terms of quality, flavour and nutritional benefits. Suino nero is rich in Oleic Acid (40%)  Omega 6 and Omega 9 so the benefits are many. The animals are antibiotic free from birth and bred in open pens to increase their well-being and let them grow naturally moving around give the meat a marbled lean / fat mixture that is the secret of the flavour and quality. Our producer has a wide range of air cured charcuterie and also fantastic fresh suino nero meat in skin packs with up to 25 days shelf life.

Sustainability is key to the producer’s success so Biogas and renewable energy integrated with the agriculture and food chain are key parts of reasons why we recommend this producer as a top level alternative to more traditional mainstream charcuterie. A closed circle of traceability and maximum care from field to fork is what environmentally conscious consumers are looking for.

Thanks to our direct logistics system as always these products can arrive to your DC just in time, optimising shelf life and shelf rotation. More information any time please contact  HERE or write to info@foodpartner.it