Filled scamorza antipasti bites

Southern Italy is famous for hand made artisan Mozzarella and Scamorza cheese. The way the cheesemakers handle the “pasta filata” or stingy cheese is a skill learnt only after years of export training and apprenticeship with the head cheese maker called “Il Casaro”.


Uniting this expertise with other Italian regional flavours such as Ligurian Pesto, or Emilia Romagna Mortadella, or Calabrian Nduja or Green giant olives has brought this jewel of Italian flavours to our table. These traditional scamorza are hand filled and delicately closed into little pockets ready to eat. They are bite size and look wonderful on the plate as you can see here when closed and when cut in half.

Before and after!

The shelf life is similar to Mozzarella and the tray is 250g net with 12 pieces.  With 6 luxury fillings to choose from it is a unique product for restaurant starter dishes, in/out promotions in supermarkets or as an innovation for fine delicatessen stores.

Thanks to our direct logistics system these products can arrive to your DC just in time, optimising shelf life and shelf rotation. More information any time please contact  HERE or write to