Fresh mussels and precooked sous-vide shell fish 365 days a year

The Venice sea coastal waters and laguna are famous not only for Marco Polo’s missions but also for their clam varieties “Vongole” and shell fish industry.Many famous dishes originate from this region such as “Spaghetti alla vongole” or “fasolari gratinati”. Our supplier has developed a sterile sealed package for easy transportation with long shelf life. Quite unique…..

The fresh mussels are harvested in Italy, and in low season imported alice from the Spanish Atlantic coast. In the Venice waters they are emerged in 10 Kg nets, suspended on ropes to continue their final growth for 30 days in the local waters, benefiting from the special microclimate.

Once mature they are filtered and cleaned and packed alive in this unique package (0,5kg 1Kg and 2 Kg) ready to be shipped just in time. For customers it means no more nets to cut open in the kitchen and a very clean refrigerator. 10 days shelf life , available all year round.

For ultra fast kitchen preparation with fixed cost and easy storage a range of delicately pre-cooked shellfish is also available with an incredibile 25 days shelf life. How do they do it? Simplicity is the answer. All varieties are filtered and cleaned in high salinity water before packaging. Once sealed inside they are cooked sous-vide in their own water and therefore pasteurised in a protected atmosphere. All the flavour remains sealed inside. A simple addition of garlic, herbs or fresh pomodoro pacchino and there you have it, a ready dish, espresso!!

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