Mature Italian Pecorino cheese in 100g single portions

Would you like to try a small piece of Pecorino cheese? This Italian tradition is made in many regions but predominantly Sardinia, Sicily and Tuscany are famous.  Now you can try a small slice from a wide variety of full flavour matured Pecorino in practical 100g portions with a fixed price.

A great display box of 24 wedges can be supplied pre-mixed with up to 3 different flavours . The long maturation allows it to be stored for 6 months shelf life in the fridge. Ideal for IN/OUT promotions or as a permanent feature for the self-service counter. Great for making a mixed cheese board after dinner or for picnic lunches.

This premium sheep milk cheese in practical single portions and is is rich in Calcium, Vitamin D and contains less lactose than cow milk cheese. Whole wheels are also available!

The varieties are many from pistachio, chili, truffle, black pepper, walnuts and the list goes on…. so to know more please click HERE or write to