Toscana Cinta Senese PDO pig


Toscana Cinta Senese PDO pigs. They live on the best breeding farms in wild, or semi-wild pastures in simple farm settings with the maximum welfare (no antibiotics, natural breeding, low yield, min 12 months life)

Tuscany, with its typical woody shrubland, provides ample supplies
of the pigs’ favourite food (oak, chestnut, Holm oaks, Turkey oaks, as well as junipers, wild fennel, olive trees, etc.).

The meat of the Cinta Senese pig has excellent organoleptic qualities.

– Succulent meat: it is redder and tastier than other pork meat
– The meat has a higher nutritional quality due to the greater concentration of unsaturated fatty acids, especially Omega 3 (which are associated with a reduction in blood fat levels) and Omega 6 (which helps prevent thrombosis)
– The lard is richer in oleic acid (which combats cholesterol) and polyunsaturated fatty acids than traditional lard
– The fat is pink, and more pleasing to the palate
– The improved fluidity, due to higher unsaturation, means that the spices, used to season the charcuterie products obtained, are absorbed more quickly, ensuring excellent flavour.

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