Gain margin and flexibility, avoid stock


Finding a reliable and cost effective supply chain solution without holding stock is a challenge that many of our retail customers are facing, especially in this moment. The damage caused by non-rotating goods and consequent shrinkage in central warehouses is a key issue to maintaining liquidity and assortment flexibility in these fast changing times.

Ordering goods just in time need without holding stock requires excellent MRP management and dynamic sellout strategies but, it has its benefits. At Foodpartner we have always supplied our customers “made to order” fresh produced products and never held stocks to ensure maximum shelf life on arrival and minimal handling operations and costs.

To do this means working with our customers as a team. Our order planning software is synchronised with the producers and our transit platform to ensure we can adapt quickly, assure timing to the hour, through all holiday and emergency situations. Our customers are guided step by step to plan each order down to a single SKU level down to specific hour timing schedules if needed. The need to change and adapt assortments and suppliers rapidly has never been so urgent.

Foodpartner is here to embrace change, and help our customers find a way to procure fresh Mediterranean products, directly, economically avoiding the consequences of unforeseeable changes in consumer habits.

William Clayton – Foodpartner Srl